Grommets Surgery: Answers to Your Most Burning Questions


Glue ear is one of the ENT ailments that can affect your child's quality of life. It occurs when fluid accumulates in the patient's middle ear because of infections or temporary blockages. When this happens, timely intervention is necessary to ensure that your child does not suffer hearing loss. You should see an ENT specialist to perform grommets surgery, a procedure involving the insertion of small tubes into the ear drums.

10 February 2023

Essential Hearing Tests for Newborn Babies


The first few years of a baby's development are crucial, meaning that you must pay close attention to their hearing health. If you notice any communication difficulties related to hearing problems, such as speech disorders or hearing problems, you need to book an appointment with a pediatric audiologist. The expert will conduct hearing and screening tests to confirm or alleviate your concerns. Notably, pediatric audiologists perform different tests on babies to determine the extent of a problem and start treatment or management early.

11 June 2021

Signs That Your Child May Need Glue Ear Surgery


One of the ear conditions that your child is vulnerable to acquiring is glue ear. This condition is characterised by a fluid-like substance filling up the middle ear and typically occurs either when the Eustachian tube is blocked or has become progressively narrow. As a result, rather than air being present in the middle ear, fluid starts to seep in and can cause a host of hearing problems for your toddler.

16 July 2018